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TotalEnergies present it’s Rubia Optima Range, the heavy-duty API CK-4 and FA-4 approved engine oil (HDEOs) that are formulated to optimize engine performance – to take you further every day.


The products are specially formulated for newer, more efficient engines and a more eco-friendly approach to the environment. Rubia Optima range pushes HDEOs to a higher standard surpassing API CK-4 with an advanced formulation to optimize performance for exceptional wear protection, improved piston cleanliness and excellent oxidation control.

Engine oils for CK-4 and FA-4 API categories are also available in various SAE grades, please see your TotalEnergies representative for more information.


Rubia Optima is the guarantee of real performance improvements in heavy-duty engines

The new Rubia Optima benefits from state-of-the-art “T.I.R Technology”, which refers to:

  • TotalEnergies protection: industry tested, Rubia products are put through numerous tests (Laboratory, bench and road tests) to achieve results that show excellent performance in oxidation stability, and protection against wear, deposits and soot.
  • International approvals: Rubia has a greater number of approvals as well as more advanced approvals than most other products in the market. This means multi-brand fleets require fewer products to meet crucial requirements of the most advanced engines in the market.
  • Reduced costs: Rubia offers better fleet cost savings with a full suite of TotalEnergies Fuel Economy engine oils that enables extended oil drain intervals.

TotalEnergies has worked closely with key Heavy-Duty Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop the new Rubia Optima oils with performances that surpass CK-4 oils including outstanding oxidation control, shear stability and oil aeration control.