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the safety of people


At TotalEnergies, safety is more than just a priority. TotalEnergies Marketing Canada prioritizes the safety of people (its staff, stakeholders and neighboring communities), the health of its workers, respect for the environment, the security of property as well as the satisfaction of its customers.

We are committed to ensuring that health, safety, security, respect for the environment and the quality of our products and services are a key concern of our employees and represent a strategic component in the development of our activities.

Our ambition : to be recognized as the benchmark for safety in our industry



The Stop Card: a tool given to each TotalEnergies employee as a means to act

Developed in 2015, this global tool, which can be used by all employees of TotalEnergies and our partner companies, gives the holder the authority to intervene at any time if an action or situation seems to place people, a facility or the environment in danger. 

The holder can start a simple discussion to ensure that there is no risk or interrupt the work in progress altogether. 

The "Stop Card" was designed to help our employees engage in constructive dialogue to move forward together. As such, its use, whatever the context, will not be penalized.

For me, for you, for everyone.