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Our fully synthetic Quartz engine oils

The Quartz XTRA Range 

The Quartz Xtra range with Eco-Science technology brings together products of choice to meet the needs of your customers. These products improve engine life and efficiency, optimize engine maintenance and help reduce fuel consumption.

Quartz Xtra engine oils with Eco-Science technology remove impurities and protect the engine. This range of motor oils is perfectly suited to meet the requirements of internal combustion engine vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Our products meet the latest international standards: API SP and ILSAC GF-6A and GF-6B (for grade 0W-16 only).


Quartz Ineo Xtra and Quartz 9000 Xtra engine oils:

  • Quartz Ineo Xtra Long Life 0W-20
  • Quartz Ineo Xtra Dynamics 0W-20
  • Quartz Ineo Xtra V-Drive 0W-20
  • Quartz Ineo Xtra FDE 0W-20
  • Quartz 9000 Xtra Future XT 0W-16
  • Quartz 9000 Xtra Future FGC 0W-20

Quartz Ineo and Quartz 9000 ranges

The Quartz Ineo and Quartz 9000 ranges with Age-Resistance technology are formulated to provide excellent engine protection. Your engine is fully protected against the many challenges of everyday life: wear, oil oxidation and extreme temperatures.

Our Quartz Ineo engine oils are manufactured with “Low SAPS” technology and designed for use with diesel engines. They offer excellent protection and ensure optimum engine cleanliness, while meeting the technical requirements of European manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen.


Quartz Ineo motor oils:

  • Quartz Ineo Long Life 0W-30
  • Quartz Ineo Long Life 5W-30
  • Quartz Ineo MC3 5W-30
  • Quartz Ineo FGO 5W-40

Our Quartz 9000 Energy products meet the new ACEA A3 / B4 standards. Our range is approved by a wide range of car manufacturers: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, Porsche and others. Backward compatible, suitable for older vehicles.

Quartz 9000 Energy engine oils:

  • Quartz 9000 Energy 0W-30
  • Quartz 9000 Energy 0W-40
  • Quartz 9000 Energy 5W-40


Our Quartz 9000 Future products are specially formulated for engines equipped with Stop/Start technology and hybrid engines, which require fully synthetic engine oils. Our Quartz 9000 Future range is a must-have for garages and dealers, as it meets the latest international standards: API SP and ILSAC GF-6A.


Quartz 9000 Future and Quartz 9000 engine oils:

  • Quartz 9000 Future FGC 5W-30
  • Quartz 9000 Future XT 5W-20
  • Quartz 9000 NFC 5W-30
  • Quartz 9000 HKR GF6A 0W-30