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Since 1955, TotalEnergies Lubricants has developed innovative high-performance products and solutions. TotalEnergies​ has achieved an expertise in the Cement industry by supplying major international companies on all continents.

We are also a key supplier for the first fill of main Industrial OEMs. Our historical presence and strong experience enable us to help you achieve savings by implementing a TotalEnergies​ Cost of Ownership approach.

Thanks to our partnership with Lubrilog for Open Gear lubricants, TotalEnergies​ is able to offer a full range of products that will satisfy the performance demands of all your applications from the quarry to the plant including the specialties.

Your challenges:

  • High cost of shutdowns. 
  • Safety of lubrication operations.

  • Extend the lifetime of key assets.

  • Presence of shock-loads in a harsh environment.

  • Research for reducing environmental impact. 
  • Optimization of fuel and lubricant consumption, with a goal of lowering your CO2 footprint.


Our solutions:

  • Lubricants with high extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.
  • Shear stable, shock resistant specialty products.

  • Open gear inspection and thermography.
  • Oil monitoring with predictive analysis and lubrication maintenance software.

  • Up to 5% fuel or energy savings on mobile and industrial equipment with Rubia WORKS FE and CARTER SG.


For more information, please send an email to [email protected]