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Software for efficient management of your maintenance and lubrication operations TIG6 is available in 3 versions in order to adapt to the specificities of other industrial sectors.



Software enables you to plan your lubrication and maintenance operations, and to keep very tight control of costs:

  • Organisation of preventive maintenance: planning of maintenance operations and tracking of their history.
  • Incorporation of conditional maintenance methods: oil analyses, vibration analyses, etc.
  • Organisation of corrective maintenance: scheduling repairs.
  • Direct importation of comments and results of ANAC analysis.
  • Management of lubricant stocks and spare parts: consumption, orders, deliveries.
  • Analysis of complete maintenance costs: cost of lubricants, spare parts and labour.
  • Integrated document management.
  • Possibility of managing the maintenance of several sites.
  • Software available in 13 languages.


Software for maintenance and lubricant operations



  • Management of preventive, conditional and corrective maintenance.


TIG6 METALWORKING dedicated to the metalworking industries.



  • Monitoring of the quality of the soluble oil sumps by triggering and storage of the measurement readings (concentration, pH, proportion of bacteria,).
  • Module dedicated to the management of top-ups: history and calculation of top-ups.
  • Management of cutting tools: analysis of the service life depending on the concentrate used and its concentration rate.