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Quartz Ineo Xtra FDE, fully synthetic engine oil to meet dexosD™ standard!


In Canada, TotalEnergies announces the official launch of its new high-performance engine oil for GM vehicles with the dexosD™ standard: The Quartz Ineo Xtra FDE 0W-20! This product is specially designed for the latest generation of engines that can be found for high-end models of the GM and Mercedes-Benz brands. With Xtra Fuel Economy and Low SAPS technology, the Quartz Ineo Xtra FDE 0W-20 reduces internal friction to a minimum, contributing to outstanding fuel economy performance. The Quartz Ineo Xtra FDE 0W-20 is compatible with hybrid vehicles and meets the latest international standards ACEA C6, and API SP.


Quartz Engine Oil for Hybrid Cars
Quartz Engine Oil Eco Science



Equipped with Eco-Science technology

The Eco-Science chemistry optimizes engine maintenance for increased longevity, improved efficiency and significantly reduces fuel consumption.


Quartz Engine Oil



Benefits of the Quartz Ineo Xtra FDE 0W-20:

• Reduced environmental impact

• Reduce oil aging and extend drain intervals

• Impeccable cleanliness - Protects the engine from all types of impurities and fights against the sludge creation

• Reduced operating costs and fuel consumption

Consult the technical data sheet

Consult the safety data sheet


Quartz Engine Oil for Hybrid cars