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Our HSEQ Commitment: For me, For you, For all

TotalEnergies Canada’s commitment to hygiene, safety, the environment, quality and sustainable development

TotalEnergies Canada places the safety of people (its staff, stakeholders and neighboring communities), the health of its employees, respect for the environment, the safety of property and customer satisfaction at the top of its principles.

TotalEnergies Canada's management is therefore committed to an approach aimed at ensuring that health, safety, environmental protection and the quality of its products and services are the permanent concern of its staff and constitute an axis for the strategic development of its activities.
This desire is part of a more general approach to the sustainable and profitable development of its activities in Canada.

In an effort of continuous improvement, TotalEnergies Canada’s management formally commits to:

  • Ensure that safety culture is integrated in all the activities of its staff and stakeholders on a daily basis.
  • Respect and enforce the laws and regulations relating to health, safety, the environment and quality that govern its territory.
  • Promote the responsible management of products throughout their life cycle: manufacturing, storage, transport, use, recovery and recycling.
  • Ensure that the practices of suppliers and subcontractors are consistent with TotalEnergies Canada's commitments in terms of health, safety, environment and quality.
  • Periodically assess management systems to ensure that they meet the international standards set by ISO 9001, measure its progress and set new progress targets.
  • Select and support sustainable development projects favoring the direct involvement of employees in community actions preferably oriented towards the protection of the environment, training and collective enrichment.
  • Maintain a constructive and transparent dialogue with local institutions and the population affected by its activities.
  • Provide training and the necessary resources to employees regarding its health, safety, environment and quality management systems.
  • Encourage and support the transversal creativity and teamwork of its employees for the implementation of innovative and effective solutions.

Individual behavior and commitment in these areas are, at all levels, essential elements in assessing individual performance. 
Bolstered by its commitment and that of its employees, TotalEnergies Canada thus ensures the best results in Hygiene, Safety, Environmental protection and Quality.